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Day Care Language Program

Learning a foreign language is rewarding and fun—children will have fun learning another language since they are open-minded. With our day care language program, you will not only be a step above those day cares who do not offer a language program but you will help benefit the children as well by educating them.

Along with that, our program is made enjoyable with singing, flash cards, books, games, videos, and other tools.

Learning a foreign language at an early age affords children the following benefits and opportunities:

  • Higher test scores: Students that study a foreign language perform much better on standardized tests;
  • Greater confidence: Gives children a feeling of accomplishment and can push them deeper into a broader passion for learning. Better and more advanced reading skills.
  • Reading skills: Bilingual children’s knowledge of a second language gives them an advantage in learning to read.
  • Expansion of vocabulary: The experience of learning a new language can bring greater understanding and better grammar to our first language. Knowing the way another language works encourages us to examine our own language’s mechanics in a positive way.
  • Helps to boost thinking: Exposure to more than one language is an excellent way to flex brain muscles. Bilingual children show a significantly higher ability to process information, which includes memory, speech, and sensory perception.
  • Natural-sounding accent: Children are natural mimickers and are able to differentiate various tones and sounds. Studies have shown that an adult with a significant exposure to a language in childhood can end up speaking like a native.
  • Greater opportunities for college and careers: Colleges place a high value on knowledge of more than one language and knowing a second language will give your child a leg up on his or her peers who do not when applying for college or a job.
  • Developing an open mind: Learning more than one language assists in helping children learn and understand other cultures of the world. It also increases their global awareness.

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