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Global Partners

Centrum Studium Linguae has the privilege of partnering with outstanding global partners such as Bernatur and Basso’s & Associados to extend the outreach of our language learning programs.



Bernatur offers innovative recreational and business tour packages with a focus on promoting exchange between African countries and all other countries and we are humbled to be able to provide our language courses to the clients of Bernatur. The following is what Bernatur has to say about partnering with us:

Reinforcing the focus of our work (the promotion of exchange between countries around the globe) we promote, in partnership with CSL (Centrum Studium Linguae) courses for all languages, cultures and countries with indigenous and specialized instructors scattered all over the world. They are always enthusiastic in providing excellent services.

Basso’s & Associados

Basso’s & Associados is a company who specializes in consulting and training. We are proud to partner with this leading authority in the global business world to provide high-quality language courses.


ADASOU, LDA is an Angolan company that was established to meet the market concerns within its areas of activities in a balanced manner, in which the gain is a common and reciprocal advantage between those who offer or sell and those who receive or buy despite having proportionally differentiated earnings. ADASOU, LDA always aims to ensure customer satisfaction and profit maximization in an ethical manner.


To find out more information, please call our North Carolina Language Center at (001)-215-317-9692 or email us at info@cslinguae.com