Learning a foreign language here at Centrum Studium Linguae is not only rewarding but it is a lot of fun.

Children will have fun learning another language since they are open-minded and eager to communicate.

With over 20 years of experience, we have developed strategies for all ages and needs.

With our daycare language program, you will not only be a step above those daycares who do not offer a language program, but you will benefit the children by educating them.

Along with that, our program is made enjoyable through singing, flash cards, books, games, videos, and other tools..

Learning a foreign language at an early age affords children the following benefits and opportunities.

Following Benefits and Opportunities:
Higher Test Scores
Greater Confidence
Better and More Advanced Reading Skills
Expansion of Vocabulary
Helps to Boost Thinking
Natural-sounding Accent
Greater Opportunities for College and Careers
Developing an Open Mind