The transcription services at Centrum Studium Linguae are second-to-none.
Whether we are providing these services to large business corporations or individuals at home, we take the same care and concern to provide high-quality services.

Have you ever thought of hiring a transcriptionist for your office needs? Do you have a non-English audio recording or paper document that needs to be transcribed and translated into any language?

Some of the benefits of doing so include the following:

Our services are available to big and small businesses, law firms, doctor’s offices, insurance companies, writers, speakers, college students, and more.

Our transcriptionists are experienced in general, legal, and medical fields, and will provide accurate transcriptions of your documents. We also specialize in transcription of audio recordings (micro, mini, regular cassette tapes, FTP, digital dictation, telephone messages, live and recorded telephone conversations, etc.) conference calls, handwritten documents, and more. No matter what type of transcription services you need, whether large or small, give us the opportunity to work with you.