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Welcome to Centrum Studium Linguae

With over 20 years of experience, Centrum Studium Linguae provides language courses in over 200 languages.

Even better, these courses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meaning your learning can work around your schedule.

Our services also include teaching in small and large businesses, working with schools and government agencies, daycare language programs, interpretation, translation, language for exam preparation, after-school language classes for children, languages for youth people, voice-over, captions and foreign subtitles, and transcription services.

Our global presence and technological abilities are growing daily, creating an accessible language learning platform and connecting students and tutors across the globe.

“We are not just a language teaching company; we are the bridge responsible for bringing people together across the world”

CSLinguae CEO and Founder Antonio Makasi

Our Services

There’s no perfect age to learn a language, but starting young brings many benefits. CSLinguae works with children of all ages to introduce them to new languages and help develop their ability to communicate Find out more
Learn from native, certified teachers who will promote your learning and accelerate your linguistic ability. Our workshops are designed to provide a comfortable environment in which to practice your new language skills Find out more
Stay focused on your business whilst we focus on your translation needs. We work across industries to assist in speech and document translation, providing quality work which allows you to operate unhindered by language barriers  Find out more
While some enjoy learning on their own, group sessions can aid language learning, allowing for oral practice and an encouraging atmosphere. If this sounds like your kind of learning, get in touch with us now Find out more

With over 200 languages in our range, we offer comprehensive, online language lessons suitable for everyone – even people who never spoken a word of their non-native language!

We offer an incredible range of translation and transcription services for both B2B and B2C purposes, as well as language courses and exam support.

Take a moment and learn a little more about how Centrum Studium Linguae can help you.

Centrum Studium Linguae, a world of languages in one place.


B2B language services to serve your global business and expand your market


We have a wide range of languages for you to choose from when deciding which language you would like to learn. We offer over 200 languages, taught by native speakers and personal language tutors, including the following: We are always adding new languages to our course offerings, so check in often to see what we have to offer


Our daycare program includes songs, games, videos, books, and other tools to help children connect with language learning


CSLinguae offers language interpretation for meetings, conferences, lectures, negotiations, and more. Whether you don’t know the language of those you’re meeting, or you don’t feel your linguistic ability is up to scratch, CSLinguae want to help bridge the gap for you


Have you ever thought of hiring a transcriptionist for your office needs? Do you have a non-English audio recording or paper document that needs to be transcribed and translated into any language?


Our transcription services are second-to-none, produced by trained transcribers. From conference calls to handwritten documents, we work with large corporations and individuals at home to provide the highest quality transcriptions


All of our translation services are certified, providing high quality, grammatically correct translations for a wide variety of text sources


CSLinguae are a pioneer in offering language solutions for clinics, laboratories, and hospitals. We have interpreters who specialize in medical terminology to allow for smooth conversation despite language barriers


We offer support for a number of language exams, providing you with the tools needed to succeed and become proficient in the language of your choice. Whether you’re looking to pass a school exam, get a job in a foreign country, wish to be proficient enough to attend an overseas university, or become a citizen of another country, our exam preparation courses are here to support you


CSLinguae offers after school classes for children, supporting them in their journey to become multilingual. Our tutors are certified and supportive, offering a nurturing environment for your children to learn in


Rather than using auto-generated subtitles which fail to provide accurate translations, CSLinguae provides voice over services in over 200 languages. Reach further with accurate translations

In Our Clients’ Words